Water Resources Management

The main focus of the sub-committee is to ensure ecological and river systems integrity for sustainable development. Within this framework the committee shall:

i.    Coordinate and regulate major water infrastructure development
ii.    Facilitate the production of River Systems Outline Plans (RSOPs), including Catchment Outline Plans and integrating these with trans-boundary River Basin Plans
iii.    Facilitate the development of capacity of all actors to ensure effective participation at all levels in the planning and utilization of water resources
iv.    Facilitate studies to inform the sub-sector, including but not limited to dam safety and management, flood mitigation and control, ecosystems approaches, raw water tariff setting and policies, among others.
v.    Participate and contribute regionally to trans-boundary water resources management, taking account of key water sector protocols for which Zimbabwe is a signatory
vi.    Facilitate the collection, analysis and dissemination of data on water resources management for sustainable utilization and monitoring of the resources
vii.    Develop sub-sector strategies for the sustainable utilization of water resources
viii.    Facilitate the development of policy guidelines on water quality, waste water, surface and ground water exploitation and use.
ix.    Facilitate the development of water resources management tools and software.
x.    Facilitate the national water infrastructure development, implementation and coordination.
xi.    Advise NAC on the review and harmonisation of all enabling legislations.
xii.    Advise NAC on the establishment of the water regulatory authority for tariff setting, enforcing compliance and promoting good corporate governance.
xiii.    Facilitate the involvement of co-operating partners in water resources management.
xiv.    Facilitate monitoring of water quality in all national water bodies, including the control of aquatic invasive weeds
xv.    Raise awareness on the importance of efficient and sustainable use of water resources, including measures to mitigate the impacts of climate change and other natural disasters.
xvi.    Create time bound Task Forces to deal with urgent issues
xvii.    Receive and act on reports from the sub-sector sub-national committees and other structures as determined from time to time

Membership:  Members of the Water Resources Development and Management Sub-committee shall be:

•    Ministry of Agriculture Mechanization and Irrigation Development
•    Ministry of Energy and Power Development
•    Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources
•    Ministry of Local Government Rural and Urban Development
•    Ministry of Water Resources Development and Management (Chair)
•    Ministry of Women Affairs Gender and Community Development

This list shall remain open for new members to join.

Reporting:  The sub-committee reports to the main NAC

Frequency of Meetings:   At least once every 2 months

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